Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Advent calenar

Now has the Drops - Garnstudio advent calendar started. For me it is some kind of Christmas tradition to open the door of the day and see what is behind it. Here it is - Garnstudio - christmas-calendar

Saturday, October 3, 2015

Child 44

I recently finish reading the book "Child 44" by Tom Rob Smith. The book is great and I could hardly put it down until I finished it.  I did not know that it is the first book of three about Leo and Raisa.
I can easily recommend this book for those who love thrillers. 

Sunday, September 20, 2015

This summer

This summer I have been knitting this and that.
 I started a Norwegian sweater knitted in Sisu wich is a wool yarn from Sandnes yarn. The pattern is from Sandnes yarn to. The work goes slowly because it takes long time to knit a big sweater with small knitting needles. 
The autumn came from Rowan with one the most beautiful knitting magazine for the last few years. There are some number of sweaters and a scarf that I would like to knit that are in the magazine.
I did, of course, buy an coloring book like so many this summer. The one I bought are with insect because I know I would not have the patient to color all the leaves in the Secret garden book.
 I did crochet a table runner from yarn stash that I had had for a long time and did not know what to do with. This was a heap of small balls of cotton yarn. I used crochet needle no. 5 and did cast on enough stitches to fit the table and then I did crochet until all the yarn was finished. 

The latest thing I finished are those woollen socks. I knitted them from wool scraps and I think they came out nicely. 

Monday, April 20, 2015


Lot of things are in progress as usual in the handicraft corner. The bag of utilization, where I tie together yarn ends that are long enough to tie together, goes well and I think I will finish it soon.
I think I will start to crochet the handles next and a few laps after that so it will be strong hold in it. 
  Under the bag is a recycled mat that was crochet from old sheets that were not used anymore.
 One small amigurumi is also starting to take shape. The head is ready and then the body,  limbs and ears will follow.

Finally, I wanted to show a picture of a sewing magazine I bought the other day. To sew some clothes is therefore on the list. My experience is that the instructions in ottobre are good and easy to sew clothes  based on them.

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Dog and hats

This little dog joined the group of amigurumi figure my aunt has few days ago.
 This pattern is from the Candy Magazine 1 and the dog is crocheted from the yarn Candy that is specially designed for the patterns (or the patterns for the yarn).
 So I decided to use rest yarn and knit a hat. The first one was striped from dark brown and gray Smart yarn from Sandnes yarn.
Then came a blue hat with a line that runs over the hat, also from Smart.

  And finally I finished a floral hat I started some time ago. The colors in it are dark gray and creamed. I drew the pattern from a embroidery pattern I found on Pinterset and changed it to fit for the knitting look.
I am writing the pattern for the first two hats, and when it´s ready I will post them on the blog.

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Completed projects

So far this year I have finished 3 knitting projects  and 1 crochet project.
 For the first I knitted this sweater for my niece and gave it to her for her 2 years birthday.

The pattern is from Sandnes yarn and knitted from smart no 4611. The size is somewhere between 2 and 4 years. I already have a sweater knit as this one for her sister, so for the first time I've knit 2 sweaters of the same kind.

 I then gave me time to finish this lace knitted sweater that I started a few years ago.
  The pattern and yarn is from Rowan.
The color is as shown in the picture below, a beautiful green but not colorless like this photo. I still decided to put it in because it shows the pattern quite well.

The sweater is in retro style. The only lack in it is that I think because the pattern is a bit old and therefore is the sweater rather short. I need to find out what goes best with my new sweater because I can´t keep it in the closet, it´s too nice for that.

Sunday, February 15, 2015


can be so much fun.
Lately I've been sewing fleece mittens from leftover material and old fleece clothing. For the rib I've used old children tights.
Also, I pulled out an old sweater that I knitted many years ago. It had become a well-worn (the hem was actually ruined) from use when my children grew out of it. Yet I did not  want to throw it away.

Now I have an aunt who fits in the sweater so I decided that either I would fix sweater or I throw it away.
The fixing looks pretty good and it it made the sweater more girly when the pink yarn was added to it. 
The crocheted hem is also hiding all the ruinings so the sweater has become usable and will be fine in all kinds of out door games this spring and summer.