Saturday, March 24, 2018


for Christmas. 
This is part of what I knitted for Christmas presents. 
 My father got this Lopi sweater. He takes our dog out for a walk when my and my family have a long work- or school day and I wanted to give him something warm to wear on cold winters days. 
 The pattern is in Icelandic and English
 I also made a shawl for my mother. It is light and lace like. It is made of color changing yarn and knitted with needle no 4,5 instead of 3. 

Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Knitted and colored

This autumn I finished a sweater for my nice
 Since she thinks wool is uncomfortable, I decided to knit a cotton yarn sweater while following a pattern for a Norwegian woolen sweater 
 She loved that sweater and what is best is it does not sting like wool does
This fall I also tried to paint yarn with food colors. It was so much fun. I decided to paint a white einband. When I have time, I have decided to knit mittens with it and use white yarn as the main color.

Thursday, June 29, 2017

Working with lopi

This winter, I decided to knit lopi mittens for my son. I used a pattern I wrote and can be found here but decided to cast on 36 sts instead of 34 and I also made then longer.

If I remember it right I made them longer with one extra round between the patterns. I do need to look at it better sometimes.
The son got them and they felt pretty warm when he went to a walk with the dog. (Do you see all the W?) He did not get cold on his hands during the winter after he got them.

Talking about the dog, I took out all my left over plötulopi and knitted a blanket for her (girl dog). She likes to lie on it. I have the blanket in a window that goes down to the floor and there she lies and monitors what happens outside.

Monday, February 20, 2017

Norwegian sweater

I finished this sweater (genser) in January. I used Sisu from Sandnes to knit it from and knitting needles no 2,5 and 3.
It took 2 years to knit it with some resting time in between. It has a lot of pattern in it but fortunately only with 2 colors.
My husband got the sweater when I finally finished it. The sleeves took the longest time to knit because I knitted them nearly five times. First they were too narrow, then I forgot the part of the pattern on one sleeve, but finally they were ready.
And here is the owner in his sweater
The pattern is in a issue from Sandnes yarn that I bought in Oslo. I enjoy knitting Norwegian sweaters but it has been rather small selection of sweater patterns in the knitting magazine that are published in Iceland. So it is a knitting feast when I go to Oslo.

Sunday, July 24, 2016

Towel and book

 This is what I am knitting now, washing cloth from Brittamis Design for strikkelystne.
I had to insert both of those picture to show the difference in color. The one above is taken outside while to other one is taken inside. The bluer one is true to the color of the yarn.

I bought this book the few days ago. It contains lot of good looking mittens so when autumn comes I will find left over yarn (and of that I have LOT) and start knitting mittens.
When I bought the book above I was tempted to buy a sock yarn to. I found a book that I bought many years ago but have never knitted anything from and decided to knit a toe up socks from it. I have just started on the toe of the first sock. But they will have to wait until autumn comes because now it is more fun to knit washing cloths with cotton yarn. 

Monday, July 18, 2016

My socks

are finished for some time ago. It took short time to knit them and rather nice to knit from the yarn. Sometimes simple things can be fun to knit.
 It was fun to see the stripes form and nice that I didn´t have to measure anything, "After the white stripe the heel is knitted".
When the heel was done I just knitted over the little toe and then started the decrease. So simple. The socks are very comfortable to wear because the wool is soft.

Monday, June 13, 2016

Eurocup knit

It is always so nice to knit. I found the perfect project to knit when Eurocup in football began now in June. It is not possible for me to knit something complex when the game is on. In the yarn store Handprjón I saw this nice looking yarn and decided to try it.

The Ec project I decided to knit are socks made of this yarn seen above. On the label I could see how many stitches I had to cast on. Then I had to knit until the color of the yarn told me it was time to knit the heel. 

Now it is time to knit the heel and I have to decide what kind of heel I want to knit.