Monday, February 20, 2017

Norwegian sweater

I finished this sweater (genser) in January. I used Sisu from Sandnes to knit it from and knitting needles no 2,5 and 3.
It took 2 years to knit it with some resting time in between. It has a lot of pattern in it but fortunately only with 2 colors.
My husband got the sweater when I finally finished it. The sleeves took the longest time to knit because I knitted them nearly five times. First they were too narrow, then I forgot the part of the pattern on one sleeve, but finally they were ready.
And here is the owner in his sweater
The pattern is in a issue from Sandnes yarn that I bought in Oslo. I enjoy knitting Norwegian sweaters but it has been rather small selection of sweater patterns in the knitting magazine that are published in Iceland. So it is a knitting feast when I go to Oslo.

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