Sunday, March 8, 2015

Completed projects

So far this year I have finished 3 knitting projects  and 1 crochet project.
 For the first I knitted this sweater for my niece and gave it to her for her 2 years birthday.

The pattern is from Sandnes yarn and knitted from smart no 4611. The size is somewhere between 2 and 4 years. I already have a sweater knit as this one for her sister, so for the first time I've knit 2 sweaters of the same kind.

 I then gave me time to finish this lace knitted sweater that I started a few years ago.
  The pattern and yarn is from Rowan.
The color is as shown in the picture below, a beautiful green but not colorless like this photo. I still decided to put it in because it shows the pattern quite well.

The sweater is in retro style. The only lack in it is that I think because the pattern is a bit old and therefore is the sweater rather short. I need to find out what goes best with my new sweater because I can´t keep it in the closet, it´s too nice for that.