Sunday, September 20, 2015

This summer

This summer I have been knitting this and that.
 I started a Norwegian sweater knitted in Sisu wich is a wool yarn from Sandnes yarn. The pattern is from Sandnes yarn to. The work goes slowly because it takes long time to knit a big sweater with small knitting needles. 
The autumn came from Rowan with one the most beautiful knitting magazine for the last few years. There are some number of sweaters and a scarf that I would like to knit that are in the magazine.
I did, of course, buy an coloring book like so many this summer. The one I bought are with insect because I know I would not have the patient to color all the leaves in the Secret garden book.
 I did crochet a table runner from yarn stash that I had had for a long time and did not know what to do with. This was a heap of small balls of cotton yarn. I used crochet needle no. 5 and did cast on enough stitches to fit the table and then I did crochet until all the yarn was finished. 

The latest thing I finished are those woollen socks. I knitted them from wool scraps and I think they came out nicely.