Monday, March 24, 2014

Haf - a hat

Knitted measurements:
Medium (for woman and man)

10 cm are 17 rounds

Yarn that fits the gauge, 50 g dark blue and 50 g light blue. I used Hubro from Dalegarn
Circular needles size 8mm or size to obtain gauge
Cable needle, tapestry needle

This hat is worked from the lower edge and up. It´s knitted on circular needle so there are no sewing except to sew in the ends.

Cast on 68 sts. with the darker color and join in a round, be careful not to twist sts. Knit rib pattern, *k2, p2; repeat from * to end. Knit until piece measures 7 cm.

Switch to the lighter color and knit one round. Increase one stich at the end of the row (69 stitches on needle).
Now knit the pattern according to the chart (munstur 1 or munstur 2). Note however that the round ends up in a 1 purled sts.
In the third round you have to increase one sts. at the end of the row (70 stitches on needle).

You can choose between two different cable patterns.
In “munstur 1” the cables turns in the opposite direction (pattern 1)
In “munstur 2” the cables turns in the same direction (pattern 2).

Takið 2 lykkjur og setjið á hjálparprjón, leggið lykkjurnar fyrir framan og prjónið 2 lykkjur fyrir aftan. Prjónið síðan lykkjurnar fyrir framan. Pjónið síðan áfram.
Takið 2 lykkjur og setjið á hjálparprjón, leggið lykkjurnar fyrir aftan og prjónið lykkjurnar 2 fyrir framan. Prjónið síðan lykkjurnar fyrir aftan. Pjónið síðan áfram.

Here is a video from Drops studio that shows how to knit a cable.

Knit until the piece measures 19 cm. Then knit the knit stitches two together the whole round, 63 stitches are on the needle.
After knitting 22 cm all the purl stitches are knit two together the whole round, 49 stitches on the needle.
When piece measures 26 cm knit two stitches together the whole round.
After that you cut a long tail an pull the strand through the remaining loops.

Turn the hat inside out. Bind of all lose ends.
Create a pompom and sewed on the top of  the hat.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014


is something I am always stressed to do. On youtube I found those found these fine instructions how to do it with Eunny Jang from Knitting Daily TV. I have used the sewing machine method but will I will definitely try the crochet method. It looks neat when finihsed. You can find the link here.

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Sweater knitting

Now I am well on the way to finish two sweaters. The first one is for me.

Yesterday I had to undo 11 rounds that I had knitted because I used wrong color in the pattern. Because of those mistake the pattern was all wrong. The sweater is knitted on needles no. 3 and 336 loops on the needle so I was almost with tears in my eyes when I was undoing my knitting.

The other sweater is for a 18-month baby and my aunt will get it. It's been a lot of thinking while I was knitting it since I wrote the pattern on the knittingway. I will share this pattern on Yarn fever as soon as I have finished writing it.

The colors are very pretty together and will it be a nice summer-sweater, especially because it is made of cotton yarn.