Sunday, March 16, 2014

Sweater knitting

Now I am well on the way to finish two sweaters. The first one is for me.

Yesterday I had to undo 11 rounds that I had knitted because I used wrong color in the pattern. Because of those mistake the pattern was all wrong. The sweater is knitted on needles no. 3 and 336 loops on the needle so I was almost with tears in my eyes when I was undoing my knitting.

The other sweater is for a 18-month baby and my aunt will get it. It's been a lot of thinking while I was knitting it since I wrote the pattern on the knittingway. I will share this pattern on Yarn fever as soon as I have finished writing it.

The colors are very pretty together and will it be a nice summer-sweater, especially because it is made of cotton yarn.

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