Sunday, July 24, 2016

Towel and book

 This is what I am knitting now, washing cloth from Brittamis Design for strikkelystne.
I had to insert both of those picture to show the difference in color. The one above is taken outside while to other one is taken inside. The bluer one is true to the color of the yarn.

I bought this book the few days ago. It contains lot of good looking mittens so when autumn comes I will find left over yarn (and of that I have LOT) and start knitting mittens.
When I bought the book above I was tempted to buy a sock yarn to. I found a book that I bought many years ago but have never knitted anything from and decided to knit a toe up socks from it. I have just started on the toe of the first sock. But they will have to wait until autumn comes because now it is more fun to knit washing cloths with cotton yarn. 

Monday, July 18, 2016

My socks

are finished for some time ago. It took short time to knit them and rather nice to knit from the yarn. Sometimes simple things can be fun to knit.
 It was fun to see the stripes form and nice that I didn´t have to measure anything, "After the white stripe the heel is knitted".
When the heel was done I just knitted over the little toe and then started the decrease. So simple. The socks are very comfortable to wear because the wool is soft.