Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Bookstore and knitting

The other day I went to the bookstore Nexus, wich is by the way my favorite bookstore in Reykjavík.
There is a range of handicraft books witch are different than the selection in other bookstores.
 There I got this wonderful crochet book. In the book is a girl I will someday crochet and lots of clothes and other items for her. And the pictures, lovely.
 Then there is the world champion sweater I decided to knit while watching the games. It had to be rather easy to knit so I can knit and watch the tv.
 I decided to knit a sweater from Sandnes yarn.
   I did change the pattern so I knit it in circle in stead of flat. Then I'm going to steek it and sew some nice looking band into it so the edges will not roll out like seen in the picture.

And then there is some knitting to do. Go Germany

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Granny blanket

This is what I've been doing recently.
 Cute Quilt made of granny squares. Here you can see how granny square is crocheted.
 The quilt is crocheted from a simple plate wool (Icelandic plötulopi) and the size so that it fits well to throw it over me in a couch or chair when watching television or reading a good book.
Now is the time to choose something comfortable on the knitting needles to knit when watching the World Cup. It has to be something TV-friendly so you do not miss cool game and great goals.