Thursday, August 28, 2014


What a long time it is since I wrote last time. Time passes fast when you are having fun. 
I finished this sweater early this summer and I am very happy with it. It´s made of yarn that has among other fibers linen.  I dug that yarn out of my stock. The colors are much greener than the picture shows.
Then I knitted Lopi sweater for my husband. I knitted it from a leftover wool. It is knit on needles no. 8 and three-plate plðtulopi.
One of my niece's is a dollmama and she ordered this hat for her doll wich had no hat that matched well on the dollhead.
 The same aunt got this pillow for her birthday.
Then there was the jam  making. I made rhubarb jam, rhubarb- and datejam and red currant jelly.

That´s it. Those are the crafts and agriculture work I did this summer.

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