Saturday, December 27, 2014


I decided to knit a few Christmas gifts.
Recently I have been following Brittamis Design on facebook. This summer there was a cloth knitting and in November I decided to knit the ZZ cloth for my sisters.

I knitted three washing clothes from three different colors (two shades of blue). All worked out fine and the pattern is beautiful. I bought soaps from Body shop and put them with the cloths and gave my sisters as Christmas presents.
In November, I decided also to knit a sweater for my dad for Christmas. The pattern is from the book "Prjónað úr íslenskri ull" and is knit from light wool. Actually I do like plötulopi better but decided to follow the pattern.
The sweater is very beautiful and the color tones flow very well together. My assumption is that this is a beautifully designed sweater.

This sweater I knitted for my three year old aunt and gave as Christmas present. The pattern is from "Prjónablaðið Ýr" no 58 and I made it from Smart from Sandnes yarn.
The pattern is ok, but I bought yarn for size 4 years and it was not enough for the size. When I saw that I needed more yarn was it was too late to get one in the same color code, so I had to make some changes in the neckline. I ended up buying a yarn that was similar in color and some fluffy yarn and knitted the neckline with both of those threads.

At last I made the sweater below for my mom as Christmas present. I knitted it last summer so it was just waiting to be handed over.

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