Monday, January 13, 2014


It goes well with a sweater I'm knitting for DTH (my son). But I know that I can not finish it in two weeks as I had intended.
The sweater is nice to knit and the pattern well written. I used the same colors and are used in the pattern and they look great.
The reason why I am so slow to knit the sweater is that I'm knitting another sweater and it is for me.
 It is knitted on needles no. 3 mm(us 2,5) and from Sandnes yarn. I've been knitting it while watching the TV and it's fine because I've been knitting round and round and it will become pretty monotonous.
But now it´s  time to knitting a massive pattern and it will not be done watching the TV. But it  will be fun and I meanit,  really.

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