Monday, December 30, 2013

Happy new year

are my wishes for you and may you have a good knitting/crochet/stitching year ahead.

How quickly December always passes by and this one did it especially since I decide at the last minute to knit some Christmas gifts.

 I had been thinking about what I should give my sisters for Christmas and I finally decided to knit Christmas balls for them. I had a pattern I got from a friend and decided to use off-white wool in the white part and green glitter yarn for the bells.

The bells are very beautiful. I've never before knitted Christmas balls but now I want to make one from each pattern I have so I will be having much fun ahead for me.

The Christmas tree that I started at the end of November is not yet ready but the plan is to finish it soon.  Then I will knit all the small things over the next 11 months. In December, it should be ready to be used as a Christmas calendar.

On pinterest are lot of patterns for Christmas balls and I fount them when I taped "Christmas balls knit".

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